• Format:Veneer (1.5 mm) size 2540 * 1270, Veneer (1.5 mm) size 1270 * 840, Euro veneer (0.3 mm) size 2540 * 1270
  • Thickness:1.5 mm - Asian GOST, 0.3 mm - European GOST

Characteristics and description

Euro and peeled birch veneer 1.5mm

This material has long found its niche in the construction and furniture industry and has gained great popularity among buyers, who appreciated its practicality and beautiful appearance.

Euroshpon is made from thin wood fibers by long-term pressing together with a synthetic polymer film, after which the finished surface is covered with acrylic varnish in several layers. Before pressing, the wood fibers are individually dyed in natural shades, which makes the euro veneer indistinguishable from natural wood. The most popular colors are beige, gray, white, pastel, pearl.

The production technology endows the resulting material with such characteristics, thanks to which it surpasses all existing analogues made entirely of natural materials.

Advantages of Euroshpon

  • Resistance to direct sunlight, temperature changes, decay;

  • Moisture resistance;

  • Lack of harmful fumes;

  • Resistance to mechanical damage, chips, abrasion;

  • Long service life;

  • Low price;

  • Ease of cleaning and care;

  • Aesthetic appearance.

Euroshpon is absolutely safe for people and animals, since it does not contain toxic substances, so products from this material can be installed in bedrooms, kitchens, children's rooms.

The high performance properties of the material allow it to be used in a wide variety of industries.

Where is the material used?

Products made of euro-strip are most often used in the production of interior doors and countertops, as well as in

  • Production of decorative interior elements;

  • Artistic decoration of musical instruments;

  • Decorating partitions;

  • In joinery and furniture manufacturing.

The OkaDrev company sells high-quality Euroshpon in a wide range of colors. For the purchase of the product and its delivery, please contact the sales department managers by phone 8 (49234) 3-69-29 or leave a request by e-mail. As soon as possible, our employees will contact you and inform you on all questions of interest.

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