• Format:2440 * 1220mm; surface F (smooth) / W (embossing); brown film, phenolic, 150g / m²; plywood of the first grade is covered with a film from the ends;
  • Thickness:09-27mm
  • Sort:I(B)/I(B), I(B)/II(BB), II(BB)/II(BB), III(CP)/III(CP
  • Emission class:E1, Е0,5
  • GOST:GOST R 53920-2010
  • Total production:≈ 600m³ per month

Characteristics and description

Film faced plywood is a versatile finishing material that is widely used in construction and furniture production.

Sheets of this type of plywood are covered with a paper-resin film on one or both sides, which provides special strength, moisture resistance and prevents the formation of fungus.

In the manufacture of laminated products, from 3 to 10 sheets of birch veneer with a transverse arrangement of fibers are used, with each sheet being reinforced and laminated separately. This technology allows you to protect the product from moisture throughout its entire thickness. The lamination itself takes place by pressing under the influence of strong pressure and high temperature.

The thickness of the sheets varies from 4 to 40 mm, and the density is up to 700 kg per m3.

Grades and types of material

According to GOST, products of grade 1 with marking 1/1 of ideal quality on both sides, but may have minor scratches on the film or subtle chips along the edges of the sheet.

Products of grade 1 with marking 1/2 allow defects on one side of the sheet (cracks, chips, scratches, etc.)

Products of 2 grades marked 2/2 allow defects on both sides.

There are the following types of laminated products:

  • Colored. It is mainly used in furniture production and interior work.

  • Formwork. In monolithic frame construction, it is used in the manufacture of formwork, as well as partitions, has high strength, withstands moisture and the influence of chemicals well.

  • Transport. Used for finishing boats, yachts, cars, semi-trailers and vans.

Scope of the material

Laminated sheets are used in a wide variety of fields of activity, where mechanical strength and moisture resistance are most needed.

Construction. It is mainly used in the manufacture of formwork forms. The formaldehyde resin film reliably protects the product from mechanical damage, moisture and aggressive compounds. Also, fences, utility and utility rooms, and a non-slip floor are made of this plywood.

Warehouse and trade equipment. It is the main material for cladding warehouses, as well as in the production of trade counters and racks, information stands, fitting rooms.

Finishing work. Film faced plywood is indispensable in the manufacture of various decorative elements: wall panels, partitions, arches. Excellent sound and heat insulation characteristics make it possible to use it when decorating the walls of cinemas, concert halls, public buildings, and children's institutions.

Furniture manufacturing. The attractive appearance of the products makes them useful for creating cabinets, shelves, shelving, storage boxes, etc. Very often furniture for kindergartens and playgrounds, cafes, restaurants is made from this material.

The OkaDrev enterprise sells high-quality laminated plywood at an affordable price. For the purchase of products, please contact the sales department managers by phone 8 (49234) 3-69-29 or by e-mail info@okadrev.ru.

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