• Format:2440 x 1220 mm
  • Thickness:03-28 mm
  • Sort:I(B), II(BB), III(CP), IV(C)
  • Density:640-700 kg / m³
  • Emission class:Е1
  • GOST:GOST 3916.1-96 / GOST 3916.1-2018
  • Total production:approximately 1000 m³ per month

Characteristics and description

From a huge range of building materials, birch plywood is one of the most popular and reliable.

It is an odd number of birch veneer sheets joined together using various adhesives by means of many hours of high pressure pressing.

There are several types of plywood, differing in operational and physical characteristics, each of which has certain advantages. The OkaDrev company is engaged in the manufacture and sale of longitudinal 100% high quality birch plywood.

Material properties

Longitudinal birch plywood is characterized by the arrangement of wood fibers along the long side of the sheet. This type is marked as 1220 by 2440 mm. The density of the material varies from 550-750 kg / m3, which roughly corresponds to the density of natural wood.

Due to the longitudinal arrangement of wood fibers, sheets of this type of plywood have good elasticity and high rigidity. This allows it to be widely used for the production of structures under load. Also, this type of plywood is characterized by excellent flexibility, due to which it is often used in the construction of arched structures.

The water resistance of the material makes it suitable for use in all weather conditions, even with high humidity.

Plywood lends itself easily to any processing, it is well laminated, painted, varnished and sanded.


High density and strength values ​​allow longitudinal birch plywood to be used in a wide range of industrial activities:

  • For construction work during the construction of partitions, walls, ceilings, movable formwork;

  • In low-rise and monolithic housing construction;

  • During the construction of outbuildings and structures;

  • When covering frame structures and cladding;

  • In shipbuilding and car building;

  • In the production of containers;

  • In furniture production;

  • In the manufacture of interior elements due to the natural beauty and visual effect of natural wood (bar counters, facades, columns, etc.)

  • As flooring for cargo;

The main activity of the OkaDrev company is the production and sale of ideal quality longitudinal birch plywood. For its purchase, please contact the sales department by phone 8 (49234) 3-69-29 or send a request by e-mail. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible and inform you about the purchase and delivery of the selected material.

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