The products of the OkaDrev company are made from selected birch wood and comply with all international technical standards. Our catalog contains a wide range of products, which are based on various types of plywood. These products are made from 100% birch veneer, the face of the sheet is made of high quality Euro veneer.

The following product categories are available

Longitudinal 100% birch plywood

A distinctive feature of longitudinal plywood is the direction of the fibers along the sheet, which gives it high strength and elasticity. This type of plywood is widely used in the manufacture of products operated under load, as well as for the manufacture of arches when decorating apartments.

We offer for sale sanded and non-sanded plywood with a thickness of 3 to 28 mm with a sheet format of 2440x1220 mm.

Laminated plywood

This type of product is distinguished by increased water resistance, since the veneer in them is glued with phenol-formaldehyde resins, and on each side of the sheet there is a protective layer of the laminate.

The multi-layered sheet gives it additional strength and durability, which makes it possible to widely use laminated plywood in the production of outdoor panels, sheathing the walls and floors of terraces, vans, trailers.

Melamine plywood

Plywood sheets of this type are mainly exported to the USA, Europe and Asia. This material is quite rare on the Russian market. Plywood is made from birch veneer covered with melamine resins. These products are widely used in the furniture industry, where they are used to make cabinets, tables, shelves and other pieces of furniture.


This material appeared on the construction market relatively recently, but has already gained great popularity among the consumer. In the manufacture of euro veneer, thin wood fibers are used, which are subjected to long-term pressing together with a synthetic polymer film. The resulting products are most often used in the production of interior doors, countertops, and decorative interior elements.


Solid cylindrical granules are produced from woodworking industry waste by crushing and pressing them. Pellets are mainly used as an environmentally friendly fuel for space heating. It is one of the most popular energy sources in Western Europe. Thanks to the production of pellets, our production is practically waste-free.