• Format:2440*1220mm
  • Thickness:09-28mm
  • Density:up to 220gr./m

Characteristics and description

Melamine plywood has been produced in Russia not so long ago, but this versatile building and finishing material has already gained great popularity. During its development, the task of obtaining a product that combines the best properties of both furniture and construction plywood was successfully implemented.

There are two types of plywood of this type:

Birch veneer sheets impregnated with melamine-formaldehyde and melamine resins (FKM). The basis that holds the sheets together is an adhesive based on melamine, a colorless crystalline substance, insoluble in water. Melamine resins practically do not disintegrate at room temperature, therefore they are widely used in any production, except for the manufacture of kitchen utensils.

Sheets laminated on one or both sides with melamine film. Outwardly, they resemble natural veneer, but are much cheaper. This type of film faced plywood is made by hot pressing birch veneer with melamine impregnated paper. Its advantages include aesthetic appearance, operational safety and low cost.

Currently, FKM plywood is produced in four grades. The first one is of the highest quality, without cracks and flaws. In the manufacture of the second and third, the presence of chips, cracks and fallen out knots is allowed within the normal range. The fourth grade is used only in non-residential premises due to its unsightly appearance.

The thickness of the sheets varies from 3 to 30 mm, and the density of the material reaches 700 kg / m³.

Features of melamine plywood

The positive qualities of FCM include:

  • increased moisture resistance;

  • strength and resistance to damage;

  • long service life;

  • ease of installation;

  • low toxicity;

  • aesthetic appearance;

  • low cost;

  • wide color palette.

Of the shortcomings, only its flammability, as well as the release of toxic formaldehyde when heated, can be noted.

Application area

Large format melamine film laminated plywood sheets are mainly used in the furniture industry. They are used for making countertops, kitchen and cabinet furniture, bathroom furniture, window sills and partitions.

The exceptional moisture resistance of the material allows it to be widely used in the production of specialized furniture for gyms, swimming pools, water parks, and children's playgrounds.

Melamine plywood is indispensable in the manufacture of construction packaging, in the railway industry, in low-rise construction.

The products of OkaDrev LLC are produced from selected birch raw materials on the latest equipment using modern technologies. It is characterized by excellent quality, which allows it to be used in many fields of activity.

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